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By: Patricia Lockwood(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Other books

Publisher: Unknown

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The original title of the book: Priestdaddy

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  • By Sabina on 30 July 2017

    The metaphors are arresting and it soon becomes evident that Patricia Lockwood has an original voice and I think, likes to surprise. The back and forth story of her eccentric family and her return to the nest with her husband of ten years, brings together some wacky episodes, some serious (or hilarious) expose of a religious upbringing, some perceptive character portraits of her family and the social networks around them. I think about two thirds through the book I began to wonder whether the unconventional air and particular writing style was going to be too much of a'character' in itself, but I warmed again to the funny, insightful narrative and the very entertaining vignettes of her own young marriage, not just that of her possibly unusual parents.

  • By Orla Houlihan on 2 July 2017

    Priestdaddy is like if you put A Confederacy of Dunces and Ryder into a blender, poured a fifth of vodka in, dumped the mix into a aluminium stockpot, set it ablaze, then cooked a whole ham in the ashes while shredding on a former Beatle's guitar.It's rollicking, hilarious, thoughtful, sometimes heart-breaking, often sublime, and always full of heart.I was raised Catholic and now exist in a state of perpetual bafflement, so this book sang to me (way more than something like The Tao of Pooh ever could).

  • By William Jordan on 9 June 2017

    Patricia Lockwood is certainly onto an excellent subject here: a 9 month stay that she and her husband make with her parents, following an expensive and unusual eye operation her husband has required which has used up their resources and has been part crowd-funded through the author's twitter contacts. Her father is a Catholic priest (originally not religious, then converting to Lutheranism following a tour on a submarine which has seen him watch The Exorcist it would seem times without number, and who can keep his wife and family as they already exist). He is also a man who feels uncomfortable in clothes other than boxer shorts when not wearing his vestments and whose main pleasure in life is playing the electric guitar (basic ass rock, the author tells the seminarian living with them, having been tempted to say it's 'priest core'). Her mother is always on the look out for health problems in the world, but is also kind of indomitable and full of love for her children.This is by turns amusing - very amusing as in her story of a childhood hunting trip - and moving, as in her account of the health problems in the neighbourhood of one of the churches in which her father has served (and which have affected her and her family), and other serious problems she has had in life (such as an attempted suicide attempt and a rape) and that have occurred in the community (sexual exploitation of young people by the clergy and others, which is largely tolerated).So strongly recommended to others.

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