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Mind of a Survivor: What the wild has taught me about survival and success



By: Megan Hine(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Business, Finance & Law

Publisher: Coronet (18 May 2017)

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The original title of the book: Mind of a Survivor: What the wild has taught me about survival and success

Surviving in the wild takes a great deal of strength. Often faced with frozen tundra, sweltering deserts, humid jungles, perilous mountains and fast-flowing rivers, Megan Hine is no stranger to perilous conditions. Whilst leading expeditions and bushcraft survival courses and in her work on television shows such as Bear Gryll's Mission Survive and Running Wild, she has explored the corners of the globe in pursuit of adventure.

Faced with the toughest of conditions: bad weather; lack of food and being in the presence of predators, is the ultimate test of character and often the biggest challenge to overcome is in the head. In these situations, the human brain is simultaneously the greatest asset and biggest liability.Not everyone is suited to the great outdoors and when danger calls many aren't as well-equipped to survive, no amount of top of the range kit will save you if you don't have the right frame of mind. Here Megan Hine examines the human ability and instinct for survival, showing us how others have developed the attitudes and attributes to thrive in the most dangerous situations, and how those same attitudes and attributes help them confront problems and obstacles at work and at home.

Being chased through the jungle by armed opium farm guards, abseiling past bears and lighting fires with tampons, Megan has seen and done it all. In Mind of a Survivor she takes you along for a series of life-and-death adventures and shows you what happens to people when they are pushed to their limits. Inspirational rather than instructional, Megan examines the human ability and instinct for survival sharing the life tools that she uses and showing how they can as easily be applied to more domestic everyday life - from careers to relationships, from overcoming adversity to decision making. Filled with her own experiences, Mind of a Survivor is packed full of adventure and can help people survive in any situation and cope with whatever life throws at them.

I love everything about her...but mostly I love her attitude. This kind of calm, can-do mindset is useful in day-to-day life. (Lorraine Candy Sunday Times Style)Hine is the real deal. (The Times)Meg is a refreshing proposition. Her new book Mind Of A Survivor not only reflects on her own awe-inspiring experiences, but also the psychology of survival. (Telegraph)This book powerfully uncovers the layers of where people draw strength from in their time of crisis - moving and inspiring. (Bear Grylls)

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  • By GeraldineC on 20 May 2017

    Excellent book charting Megan Hines' journey as an explorer and adventurer. Some great tips on how to get the most out of life and how to thrive not just survive in the face of challenge or adversity. And how important psychology is in the overcoming challenges. A great read from an inspirational writer with lots of great examples and life experiences.

  • By Anat on 6 June 2017

    Very enjoyable read and lots of insight into Megan Hines motivation.I do recommend her book and encourage her to write another, perhaps targeted at out computer bound young who have little chance to feel the wind on their faces and challenge themselves

  • By Bejja on 23 May 2017

    Read about in the Sunday newspaper way before it was available. So it went straight on my wishlist. When I could finally buy it, I purchased on Kindle so that I could read straight away. What a treat - grabs you from the first paragraph and does not let you go.

  • By James Gardner on 18 June 2017

    I've really enjoyed reading this book. It's an excellent combination of real life amazing stories from Megan's first hand experiences in the wild, with a great ability to be able to relate them to every day and business scenarios. A must read for any leader of any size group. I can't wait for my girls to read this when they are a bit older! Thank you so much for writing it. I can't wait for your next book!

  • By Guest on 12 August 2017

    This is one brilliant read! Incredible anecdotes from an incredible life, so different to mine and yet made so relatable. It is a gentle exploration of a side of our minds that I have never considered before. I guess, never had to consider before, never having been in a survival situation. It certainly got me thinking about whether I have the 'mind of a survivor'. Megan Hine seems to be in one of those jobs that is incredibly underrated; I can't help being impressed by her determination to do what she loves against, at time, quite incredible odds. Huge amount of respect!This is a great read for anyone who likes real life action/adventure, anyone who has any interest in Mindfulness or Psychology, whether their own or people in general. Or, anyone who just wants to read something a bit different.I very much hope that she will write some more.

  • By Riverdale on 20 August 2017

    Excellent book written with honesty and clear headed clarity. For those of us who love the wild places, this is an intuitive and perceptive look at the world and the people who live here and the lessons learnt through experience

  • By K Kitten on 23 August 2017

    An excellent read which is of the beaten track. The book arrived promptly, in excellent condition and was fairly priced. An essential read for all those in commune with Nature and those contemplating it. What I would give to be on an expedition with the author!

  • By chic103 on 25 June 2017

    Frankly haven read it yet but will do soon. But the writer inspires me and the subject even more

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