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The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time



By: Will Durant(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Biography

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (22 April 2003)

Format: pdf doc docx mobi djvu epub ibooks (*An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.)

The original title of the book: The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time

In this remarkable little book, Will Durant answers the questions that most people would have wanted to ask him - what are the conclusions he drew from the experience of a long lifetime; what eras, individuals, and achievements stand out as being the most significant? Who, for example, could be legitimately classified as the greatest thinkers in human history? Who were the truly great poets, the ones that plucked notes upon heartstrings that continue to resonate hundreds and thousands of years after their passing? And what are the absolute best books one should read in order to receive a meaningful - and useful - education? As Will Durant was repeatedly asked to "weigh in" on such matters, he, over the course of his career, responded to the increasing public demand for such qualified assessments by putting pen to paper and crafting a series of essays containing his personal rankings of human achievement. These essays have been brought together for the first time in this book.

Will Durant (1885-1981) was awarded the Pulitzer Prize (1968) and the Medal of Freedom (1977).He spent more than fifty years writing his critically acclaimed THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION (the later volumes written in conjunction with his wife, Ariel).His book THE STORY OF PHILOSOPHY is credited with introducing more people to the subject of philosophy than any other work.

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  • By Mr. A. A. Miller on 24 April 2017

    Bought as a present. Arrived on time and the recipient loves it.

  • By R. McCarthy on 5 February 2010

    This is a great read for anyone, who like me, wishes to know more about history's great thinkers but doesn't know where to start. I can't remember the last time I learned so much in such a short space of time. It is lively, thought provoking while at the same time challenging with some of it's selections. My only criticism is that it's too short! But maybe that is no bad thing; makes you feel you want to learn more.This little gem should be on everybody's bookshelf.

  • By kirsty Thompson on 3 October 2016

    Very sad this book is just a short overview of otherbooks. You could google this information

  • By T. Akinjide-Obonyo on 19 April 2014

    This is a great book. For those of you beginning to understand philosophy and wanting to see the philosophy to underpin western civilisation this is the best book to start with. It was inside is an easy to understand style and is short but not too short giving you enough to ponder on.I would like to say that the service I received from the seller was exceptional. The book was delivered in good quality and in a short space of time.Making me through this book as I believe many of these ideas have the capacity to change a life.

  • By Ross Cooke on 5 March 2015

    A fantastically educational brief summary of many great minds and times. Paints a nice historical scope of narrative of man. Introduce me to many names I've never looked into. Durant is a wonderful writer.

  • By Tevin on 27 February 2017

    I started the book out of curiosity. I was supposed to read it, enjoy it, close it and feel a little more educated. Nothing went to plan and I feel so good for it. The author shares with us not only information but also a growth mindset... this book is just one step in our lifelong study journey. I believe in study as a condition of self development. Durant is from now on my list of private tutor.

  • By andrea on 17 September 2014

    Bought this for myself but husband started reading it ,now he can't put it down!!!I look forward to start reading too.Only read bits and pieces and i must say it's quite captivating!!!Not too big too!Treat yourself to one!!

  • By Joan Muni on 7 February 2016

    This is a great compilation of authors, thinkers and books. What I love about the book is how each of them is described in a simple and compelling way. This is not going to be a great book by itself, but it's going to open the doors to find them.

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