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Going to Sea in a Sieve: The Autobiography



By: Danny Baker(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Music, Stage & Screen

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson; 1st edition (6 Nov. 2012)

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The original title of the book: Going to Sea in a Sieve: The Autobiography

Comedy writer, journalist, radio DJ and screenwriter Danny Baker charts his 30 years in showbiz.

Born in 1957 in Deptford, south London, Danny's first job after dropping out of school at the age of 15 was in One Stop Records, a small record shop in London's West End, frequented by Elton John and Mick Jagger, a store rather like the one in High Fidelity. His career in print journalism began in 1976 when he co-founded the fanzine Sniffin' Glue leading to an offer from the New Musical Express, where his first job was as a receptionist. Soon after, Baker was contributing regular astute articles, reviews and later interviews to the publication. Danny then began making 30-minute documentaries at LWT for the cult series 20th Century Box, and appeared in two television commercials: Daz washing powder and Mars bar chocolate.

His stellar career on the radio began on BBC GLR in 1989, then moved to BBC Radio 5 where he presented sports shows including the groundbreaking 6-0-6, which still influences the media's approach to criticism of players, managers and referees. He also worked on BBC Radio 1, back to BBC GLR, Talk Radio and later on Virgin Radio. On his return to BBC last May, Danny won 'Sony Radio Personality of the Year' and appeared on Desert Island Discs last July. Six months earlier he had gone public on his cancer and chemotherapy treatment, and thankfully all seems well.

Danny Baker currently presents a weekday show at BBC London 94.9, which features phone-ins and discussions with his on-air team regarding music and entertainment of the 1960s and 1970s, and a Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 5.

This book charts Danny's showbiz career, the highs and lows, and everything in between, including the accusation that he killed Bob Marley...

Joie de vivre, this Teflon spirit, is the engine that drives this memoir....Indeed, throughout this tome, Baker doesn't so much drop famous names as fire them at you with a cannon for seemingly no other reason than to amuse and entertain with top-notch anecdotes... This book is a hoot, buzzing with Baker's impressive recall and nuclear-strength warmth and humour. Going to Sea in a Sieve emerges not only as a portrait of Baker the individual, but also as a hymn to bygone times that is as affectionate as it is brutally unsentimental and hilarious. The perfect read for anyone interested in music, football, media, British cultural history, or indeed just having a really good laugh. (Barbara Ellen THE OBSERVER)Full of warmth and laughter (Ian Hyland Daily Mirror)Like its author, Baker's book is garrulous, preening, self-mocking and funny. It's as rattling to read as it evidently was to write. In the proud Baker tradition, it's a bit of a knockout. (Stephen Smith NEW STATESMAN)These memoirs, which cover his childhood and early career burst with warmth and encounters with the famous, from Marc Bolan to Kate Bush. (BELFAST TELEGRAPH)An instant ray of sunshine in these dank days of winter. (METRO)Witty, sharp and hilarious, it's like you're chatting with a mate in the pub. (METRO)A beautifully written memoir (THE INDEPENDENT)Baker writes as he speaks, with honesty and infectious joie de vivre. (SUNDAY EXPRESS)Rollicking first instalment of the life story of the broadcaster, covering his childhood in southeast London's Deptford and working as a pop critic and a 'yoof-for-hire' on TV. (SAGA)Reading Baker's memoirs feels a bit like flying transatlantic with an irrepressibly garrulous stranger....the alacrity and invention of his mind is obvious. (James McNair Mojo)I'm 50 pages into Danny Baker's Going to Sea in a Sieve and it's making me bark. (Caitlin Moran The Observer Books of the Year 2012)

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  • By RedGala on 20 November 2015

    I remember listening to Danny Baker years ago on radio 1 and as well as playing good music his nonstop chat , off the wall sense of humour and his phone ins always made me laugh out loud. So when the TV series of this book “From the cradle to the grave “aired I couldn’t wait to see it and was not disappointed it was so enjoyable that I just had to buy the book. If you were a teen of the 70’s this is definitely for you and will bring back happy memories. It’s all most as if you can hear Danny narrating the whole book, Danny was from a working class , London family, His dad Spud, a Docker was a larger than life character and would be worthy of a book of his own ! Danny admits his childhood was free of all the teenage angst, he just loved life and had no issues . He loved music at an early age and on leaving school went to work at a record shop in Soho where he met many of the stars of the 70’s , his stories of Marc Bolan giving him a shirt and of him making out he was David Essex’s brother are hilarious. He was in at the start of the punk movement as the co-founder of a fanzine sniffin glue and later became a writer for NME, touring with several of the top bands of the time. This is obviously the first volume of his life and finishes in the 80’s after he meets the love of his life, his wife Wendy. I will definitely be reading the 2nd volume .

  • By Sarah Tipper on 24 October 2015

    If you like music, Danny Baker and tales of Britain in the sixties and seventies then just buy this and don’t bother reading the rest of the review. It’s a wonderfully written memoir that will have you buying volume two before you’ve finished this volume. A few highlights; Marc Bolan gave him a shirt, he heard The Ramones before they were released and he didn’t live with Elton John, no matter how much a journalist would have liked that to be true.

  • By AndrewNT on 1 June 2017

    I read write ups of this book in 2013 and saw it was cheap so bought it to read,Amazon's 2nd hand books can be real bargains £2.81 hardback and great condition . I am not a fan Mr Baker as a rule but books about the 70's music scene interest me and I had heard in the early 70's he was an ELP fan so thought it might be interesting. I took this book on holiday to read and couldn't put it down it was hilarious whether it was all true I am not sure but if it was he has lead a charmed life and had a happy upbringing. His career seems to have come about by pure chance as it seems some of the best do. Recently turned into the BBC 2 comedy with Peter Kay the book is even funnier and carries on to beyond school and his days working in a record shop where he made the most of his opportunities

  • By Yorkshire Lass on 7 August 2017

    After watching the series I just had to read Danny Baker's original account (and first instalment) of what can only be described as a fairly eventful youth! I was not disappointed - he writes of his early years with such ease and his enjoyment and enthusiasm for life and living the moment shines through. I have always enjoyed listening to him on the radio and now I have discovered his written words are a joy.

  • By Customer on 20 September 2015

    A great read, and as I born just a few years later than the author can relate to growing up on an estate and having "dumps" as play areas etc. I'm sure younger generations will think a few of the memories here are exaggerated but we largely survived it intact. (I can smell the exploded caps as I type). Later brushes with famous names are recounted with humour and thankfully without any gushing or insincerity. His love of music - especially Steely Dan - is a bonus!

  • By David T on 5 February 2016

    Brings back wonderful memories of my own childhood and youth in the 60's and 70's. Somehow life just seemed a whole lot less complicated. Where Danny had Blackie we had Mickey, a cat, but every bit as resourceful. I'm sure people of a similar age reading this book will be able to relate to video recorders the size of the QE2 and Dad's who ruled the world.

  • By Joseph on 25 March 2017

    Read it really quickly, he is a lucky lad and hard not to like.

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