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Queen Of Camelot



By: Nancy McKenzie(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Publisher: Orbit (1 Aug. 2002)

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The original title of the book: Queen Of Camelot

On the night of Guinevere's birth, a wise woman declares a prophecy of doom for the child: she will be gwenhwyfar, the white shadow, destined to betray her king, and be herself betrayed. Years pass, and Guinevere becomes a great beauty, riding free across Northern Wales on her beloved horse. She is entranced by the tales of the valorous Arthur, a courageous warrior who seems to Guinevere no mere man, but a legend. Then she finds herself betrothed to him and, like the knights that follow him, swiftly falls under Arthur's spell ...

At the side of King Arthur, Guinevere reigns strong and true. Yet she soon learns how the dark prophecy will reveal itself - she is unable to conceive. Arthur's only true heir is Mordred, offspring of a cursed encounter with the witch Morgause. Now Guinevere makes a fateful choice: to raise the child as her own, to teach him to be a ruler and to honour Camelot. Mordred will be her greatest joy - and the key to her ultimate downfall.

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A rich and powerful tapestry of words layered in legend and myth . . . Surely Merlin's magic reached out to touch Nancy McKenzie's pen (Elaine Coffman)

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  • By hinfus on 10 June 2006

    Nancy Mc Kenzie has succeeded in crafting a beautiful story of Arthur and Camelot as told from the perspective of his Queen. Guinevere, as a young woman, is brought to Camelot to be the wife of a man she has never met. The hero of dozens of stories and songs she has grown up surrounded by is just as his reputation has led her to believe, and all would be well without the meddlings of Guinevere's bitter cousin Elaine, who had hoped to marry Arthur herself. A story of love, lust, honour and betrayal, it is incredibly re readable and beautifully sad. Told from a woman's perspective it features less of the famous and brutal battles of Arthurian legend, and more of life in Camelot; of the characters and relationships of Guinevere, Arthur, Lancelot, Morgause and Mordred as Guinevere struggles to procure an heir for the High King and come to terms with the dark secrets of her husband's past.

  • By Gary Selikow on 6 April 2012

    Combines the two brilliant works by Nancy McKenzie about Arhur's Queen Guinevere and one of the best reteallings of the Arthurian legend.An extremely engaging book, full of adventure, passion, intrigue and emotion.Engages the reader evey step of the way.It traces the early life of Gunievere , who would be Arthur's bride, from her birth to the king and young queen of the Kingdom of Northgallis, where a witch predicts the night of her birth that she would live to be the greatest lady in Britain, but also that she would betray her king and herself be betrayed.What is unique about this retelling of the Arthurian legend is the deep emotional and pyschological depth of her subjects.It is the best Arthurian retelling I have read.Growing up in north Wales, to be a great and engaging beauty , together with her cousin Elaine, her life is turned upside down when she is chosen as the bride of the High King of Britain, Arthur.Guinevere's love for the King's most trusted knight, Lancelot causes her great pain. Her cousin and childhood friend Elaine, turns into a deadly rival, who out of jealousy because it was Guinevere who became Arthur's bride, will do anything to hurt Guinevere.Included in this saga are others in Arthurian legend such as the King's adopted brother Kay, Arthur's half-sisters Morgause and Morgan , the battles with the invading Saxons , and the various kingdoms in Britain in the time.We read of Guinevere's abduction by the thuggish minor king Mwelas and her rescue by Lancelot. McKenzie did her research well, while introducing an exciting take on the world of Arthur and Camelot.Nancy McKenzie makes for relaxed reading while bringing alive the true magic, colour and drama of Arthurian legend, and exploring the hearts and passions of Arthur's beautiful and captivating Queen Guinevere who captures the hearts of so many men at Camelot.In the second of two magnificent novels, Guinvere, unable to conceive agrees to raise Arthur's son Mordred born from a cursed encounter with Arthur's sister the evil sorceress Morgause.As she raises Mordred to love him like son, he will eventually be the seed of her destruction. Meanwhile she struggles with her agonizing love for Lancelot as McKenzie creates high drama and narrative from this ill fated love.And of course the shadow of the great and terrifying Merlin always hovers over all.The total effect creates a compelling and spellbinding epic which serves as an imposing example of the author's enthusiasm for her subject

  • By sKatie on 21 August 2007

    This tells the Arthurian myths from the perspective of Guinevere which is a new take for me. It was very compelling and well written. Lancelot says "strewth" at the end which kind of ruins it a little though!In this version Guinevere never sleeps with Lancelot and Mordred was never evil. Many other versions also put Guinevere as a devout christian, which is left out of this version as well. About halfway through I felt like the whole tale had been told and I was wondering what was left to say for the last 400 pages. It was worth sticking with though.It is firmly based on Mary Wesley's Merlin trilogy, which it sadly does not better.

  • By Jill on 16 August 2007

    One of my favourite books. The way its written shows the development of a young girl who dreams of playing with friends and a happy life into the Queen of Camelot. Mckenzie realisticly conveys the life of Gwen and Arthur. The uthor has a talent for illustratin the time and period of England. She asl manages to weave in subplots and themes of the other major charactors in this well known legend.This is a must for all lovers of the legend of the knights and the round

  • By sewqueen on 24 June 2015


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