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MCAD Training Guide 70-316: Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with C# and Visual Studio.NET



By: Amit Kalani(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Computing & Internet

Publisher: Pearson IT Certification; Pap/Cdr edition (27 Dec. 2002)

Format: pdf doc docx mobi djvu epub ibooks (*An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.)

The original title of the book: MCAD Training Guide 70-316: Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with C# and Visual Studio.NET

Appropriate for all courses on Visual C# .NET and Visual Studio .NET Windows development, and all courses preparing students for Microsoft's MCAD/MCSD 70-316 certification exam.

This is a comprehensive study resource for every student seeking to master Windows application development with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Visual Studio .NET, and especially for those preparing for Microsoft's MCAD/MCSD exam 70-316. It combines a carefully designed teaching methodology, exceptional review software, and outstanding Web-based support at www.examcram.com. Leading Microsoft technology trainer and pioneer MCAD certified professional Amit Kalani covers every Exam 70-316 certification objective, including Visual C# .NET Windows application development with Windows Forms and controls; user interfaces and navigation; error handling and debugging; data binding; consuming and manipulating data; components and .NET assemblies; Web services; globalization; legacy code and accessibility issues; testing and debugging; application deployment and configuration; maintenance, and much more. The book provides a wide variety of study resources, including realistic practice questions, proven exam preparation tips, a last-minute “Fast Facts” section, detailed glossary, suggested readings and resources, and more. Its accompanying CD-ROM contains PrepLogic Practice Tests, Preview Edition software, including one complete PrepLogic Practice Test with approximately the same number of questions found on Microsoft's actual exam, as well as thorough explanations of every correct and incorrect answer.

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  • By Guest on 1 November 2004

    As a Unix C/C++ developer this book has allowed me to cross train into C# and .NET and come out with a decent MCP test score. The book takes a potentially overwhelming subject and puts across the material very clearly.To work through the course I found the C# .NET Standard Edition to be fine, & I installed SQLServer Desktop Edition which is available as a free download. Although not necessarily critical for the exam, I did upgrade to Windows XP Pro to work with Webservices, & bought the SQLServer 2000 Developer Edition also to add GUI editing to make some of the ADO.NET exercises slightly easier.The book will take time to work through if you're new to C# .NET, but in return offers a good understanding of the subject matter rather than a quick exam-prep. And the course is far from tedious; one exercise has you connecting to an Airports Web Service & downloading weather data to a Windows C# Application, generally quite rewarding. In all I spent 2 months as a part-time evening course to complete the book & an additional 3 weeks to prepare for the exam.I bought an additional ExamCram 2 70-316 book to help prepare for the exam. Written by the same authors, it provides a highly condensed version of this book with some slightly harder exam questions. It discards many of the exercises & cuts to the quick on what you need to know to pass.An excellent work by the author(s).

  • By Mr. Ian F. Taite on 29 May 2004

    I passed by 70-316 exam on March 20th 2004 with a score of 858 after studying with this book.My overall impression is that too much space is given to describing Windows Forms controls, and not enough is given to ADO, i.e. the step up from playing with visual controls and components in chapters 1 to 3, to data binding and consuming and manipulating data in chapters 4 and 5 is too great. It would be wise for beginners to go away and read "ADO.NET" by Sceppa before doing chapters 4 and 5. For chapter 12, Testing and Debugging, make sure you know how an application stores configuration information in its config file, and not just for tracing and debugging, for storing other dynamic settings like conection strings and user-defined settings.Do all the labs and Apply Your Knowledge bits of this book, and do some background reading on ADO.NET and you should pass the exam.

  • By Nick M. on 5 March 2003

    This is an excellent book for those who have some programming experience. It manages to take you from the simplest forms all the way through to Data enabled applications with the minimum of hassal.The layout is clear and the margins at the side leave enough space to add your own notes in as you go. I found no mistakes in the code which was a blessing as the last thing you need is faulty examples whilst your trying to learn a language.Would recomend it for anyone wanting to get going in C# who has some experience.

  • By Adam on 5 September 2003

    As an intermediate level book on C# and Visual Studio.NET, this book is fine. There is lots of code with few errors, and no time is wasted on explaining the fundamentals of programming. However, the book claims to be a complete MCAD Certification Solution, which quite simply it's not. The chapters don't seem to be weighted appropriately, with a large section at the beginning on windows forms and controls (with so-called 'important' members of each of the control class defined, which is unnecessary), and not enough on the classes of AD0.NET, a core component of the exam. Furthermore the layout is confusing too, with several key topics, such as event handling, ADO.NET and Assemblies split up and covered in different areas of the book. I think the aim was to provide a gentle introduction and cover the details later, but this approach just serves to confuse. Also, the practice multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter bear little resemblance to the real exam, as does the practice exam at the end of the book. Don't waste your time doing them. The most useful part of the book is the CD, which contains 60 practice questions by PrepLogic, and are an accurate reflection of the sorts of questions in the exam. If you've been unfortunate enough to buy this book to pass the exam, I advise working through the CD, and looking up every topic on the msdn.com. Much quicker than trudging through this 1000+ page manual.

  • By IAN DUNCAN on 1 June 2003

    This book is a great tutorial for learning all about Visual Studio .Net . It is made up of short examples which you build and so learn about all the different workings of Visual Studio. You need to have some experience in programming which seems reasonable as it is for MCAD. It does not go through all the for and while loops etc which is in a beginners book for C#. It concentrates on all the good stuff.

  • By C. Jack on 12 October 2005

    A very well written book with plenty of examples, far better than the Microsoft books that accompany the exam.

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