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Willard Price: Shark Adventure



By: Anthony McGowan(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Children's Books

Publisher: Puffin (3 Jan. 2013)

Format: pdf doc docx mobi djvu epub ibooks (*An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.)

The original title of the book: Willard Price: Shark Adventure

Shark Adventure is an authorised Willard Price book by award-winning author Anthony McGowan, for 8+ readers. Full of action, adventure and animals!

On a remote Polynesian island, Amazon Hunt and her cousin, Frazer, recruits of TRACKS animal protection agency, are saving rare leatherback turtles.

But an international animal smuggler wants the valuable turtles for himself. And, when a huge typhoon strikes, Amazon and Frazer face an even greater danger. Swept away into shark-infested waters, how will they save the turtles - and themselves?

'The good old-fashioned adventure romp brought up to date without losing the fun or the thrills' Independent

'A pacy read aimed at 9-12 year olds with a taste for adventure' We Love This Book

About the author:
Anthony McGowan is a multi-award-winning author of books for adults, teenagers and younger children. He has a life-long obsession with the natural world, and has travelled widely to study and observe it. He has also written feature articles and travel journalism for The Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Mail on Sunday.

The good old-fashioned adventure romp brought up to date without losing the fun or the thrills (Independent)

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  • By AJM65 on 14 August 2017

    Good Service. This was a present and I read it as a child so I know its good.

  • By The Book Tower on 24 February 2013

    I read the second McGowan installment with more mixed feelings. (Do feel free to check out my first review of the first 'new Willard Price' novel Leopard Adventure). As a story it was an enjoyable read and on a near par with the first book. However, I have to say that Mr McGowan continues to make free with some very much loved Willard Price characters. Not only are we to swallow a later life feud which splits brothers Hal and Roger in the first book and Hal also continues to be a gruff character in this second installment, we are now asked to cheerfully accept the death of Omo in this second book. I would normlly say... beware plot spoiler... in advising of the demise of a much loved character, but as Omo is swept aside in one short butchered sentence, I think old readers may forgive (and understand why)this lack of forewarning...I think these books, whilst very much enjoyable in their own right, need to also bear in mind they have the blessing of the Price estate. I have to say some of the old characters continue to be treated in a 'gung ho' manner, and for me quite thoughtless fashion, for the sake of a 'new' story. I cannot consider these books as an extension of Williard Price's wonderful stories, as in truth they bear little resemblence whatsoever to the original cast. Whilst accepting the stories are more than readable, I must ask did the books need updating so much that the original characters had to be almost swept aside? I do wonder what Willard Price would have made of these books and the continued assasination of his prime characters?I would accept that the animal facts flow through the book, perhaps at times without the crafted skills of Price's teaching. To call this book 'Shark Adventure' was also perhaps a little misleading as the Shark encounters (whilst good) sum up two brief meetings in the whole book. A more accurate title would have been Turtle Adventure as the whole story is largely based on trying to save endangered turtles, although this would have of course have lacked the title bite!Amazon and Fraser remain (largely) good characters and the new villain of Chung is also a nice edition. Almost a new Kaggs!Would I buy the third installment? Yes, but I am now sadly resigned to accepting they bear little resemblence to Willard Price's orignial characters, so thankfully I will have to consider them to be quite seperate stories. The animal and planet conservation do remain good themes of the books. But, was it really so necessary to write out and date Hal and Roger so badly? I cannot help but feel a real oportunity here to embrace the old characters and update the books has been lost, but as seperate stories in their own right they remain quite good reading.One thing I will promise the old readers is that I will continue to honestly review the series as it unfolds! A little more senisitivity to Willard Price's work please(!) If not a little too late!!?

  • By MS M COUNIHAN on 29 July 2013

    It's a great read especially on a rainy day. It has a clear message about being green and preserving our nature without boring you. The plot is clever and full full of nail biting moments and it's all topped off with the extra bonus of a fact file about sharks and leatherback turtles (the two types of animals that feature in this book). So when you think geography and zoology are boring think again! This is both and enticing and educational book. The plot is full of twists and turns and the characters each have a signature theme, the main Characters are Amazon and Frazer two cousins who set off on yet another heroic mission across the world,to save the endangered leatherback turtles in the name of T.R.A.C.K.S a society of conversationalists who's founders are the fathers of Amazon and Frazer but little did they know that they'd be fighting of tiger sharks, man of war stingers,tropical typhoons and a whole bunch of baddies on top of that there's still the case of Amazon's parents who've gone missing in a supposed plane crash. But these two kids aren't gonna give up so easily.I definitely would recommend this book for ages 9+ and fans of Bear Grylls, Steve Backshall and nature lovers. Get it as soon as you can,you won't regret it!!

  • By Kitkat1984 on 13 April 2013

    I remember the original Willard Price books and loved them, Anthony McGowan has certainly bought the new series up to date and into present day. Shark Adventure is a great addition to the new series and kept me on edge throughout the book.

  • By S. Banner on 2 April 2013

    Brilliant read. Definitely kept you on the tips of your toes. Appreciated the extra factual information. Look forward to reading more adventures.

  • By Kindle Customer on 14 April 2016

    A great book! A great carry-on from Willard Price's on books. 📒 make sure to read all the others!!! I am twelve and I really enjoyed it! Lots of exciting moments, and a great book for both boys and girls. 😊

  • By Guest on 25 July 2014

    i couldn't decide whether i liked it or notits a bit short but very goodrecommendation 9 yearsdefinately a good read for adventures kids

  • By Caroline Kay on 12 March 2015

    I liked this book.I enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to any children between 10-14 years. It was very exciting.

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