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The Dread Wyrm (Traitor Son Cycle 3)



By: Miles Cameron(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Young Adult

Publisher: Gollancz (22 Oct. 2015)

Format: pdf doc docx mobi djvu epub ibooks (*An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.)

The original title of the book: The Dread Wyrm (Traitor Son Cycle 3)


The Red Knight has stood against soldiers, against armies and against the might of an empire without flinching. He's fought on real and on magical battlefields alike, and now he's facing one of the greatest challenges yet.
A tournament.
A joyous spring event, the flower of the nobility will present arms and ride against each other for royal favour and acclaim. It's a political contest - and one which the Red Knight has the skill to win. But the stakes may be higher than he thinks. The court of Alba has been infiltrated by a dangerous faction of warlike knights, led by the greatest knight in the world: Jean de Vrailly - and the prize he's fighting for isn't royal favour, but the throne of Alba itself.
Where there is competition there is opportunity; the question is, will the Red Knight take it? Or will the creatures of the Wild seize their chance instead . . .
'A stirring, gritty and at times quite brutal epic fantasy' Tor.com

'This series promises to be the standout epic fantasy for the ages' Fantasy Book Critic

To conclude, as a pit stop on the way to the end "The Dread Wyrm" serves marvelously well. If anything, it is way too short. It does all that it's supposed to do: it enriches the world, expands upon the overall story and its main characters but more importantly, it entertains. (Upcoming4Me)

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  • By roughjock on 30 March 2017

    Once again miles has entertained and impressed. The horrors of war and the heroism of extraordinary ordinary people are brilliantly captured. Love humour and sadness all combined into one of the great series of modern times.

  • By MR M WILLIAMS on 30 April 2017

    Each book in the series gets better and more tightly plotted, as taught as a nice dry bow string! Good military details too.

  • By Stephathome on 11 June 2017

    Amazing series - can't put the book down!

  • By george wareing on 20 November 2015

    Miles Cameron thank you once again for a brilliant piece of historical military fantasy .I can not believe how much i love your writing ,although the chapter about the queen and harndon could have been cut in half, that is i am pleased to say to only thing i can find to moan about, the rest was amazing, so much so that my profession as a farmer has recently been made a lot harder by a lack of sleep and constantly daydreaming about killing people or things with a great flaming great-sword....great. No accidents thankfully occurred and my dad has banned me from the work shop when he found me trying to build a mace, when he asked "whats that for" i told him bluntly that miles Cameron reckons were about to get butchered by boglins. There was a look of despair on his face, but he did grunt his approval when he used my mace against a pallet.As for the book, well the plot was fast,gripping and epic apart from the aforementioned chapter or chapters concerning the queen and harndon. character development continues to flourish new and old, i felt perhaps gabrial had lost a bit too much of his charmingly satirical arrogance and sharp brutal wit, that i felt personified the leader of a band of merciless cut throat mercenaries and tom. but most of all i love your consistency, most authors by there third book start to lose some passion or get tired or just bugger of and hide in a hole (looking at you Patrick rothfuss. DOORS of STONE had better be amazing or else!) but you, to my utter delight have stayed true, i can see it in the way you write, the way it feels, the way i feel, its just nice to know that you too daydream about bashing an irks face in with a mace.Looking forward simply dose not do justice to how much i want your next book so keep at it, and don't forget about the griffin!!!!, it was cruel of you to introduce that in to the mix without any depth, and once again thanks. Do not try to read this book first go and read the red knight you wont be sorry.

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