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Sorrow Hill: Volume 1 (Sword of Woden)



By: C. R. May(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (14 Feb. 2014)

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The original title of the book: Sorrow Hill: Volume 1 (Sword of Woden)

Geatland in the first decades of the 6th Century. Under the benevolent rule of King Hrethel and his sons, the king’s grandson is carefully groomed by the family in the skills and duties of the warrior elite. But shadowy forces scheme and plot, and as the boy reaches adulthood a death tears the dynasty apart. Sensing weakness the Swedes harrow the northern provinces, and Beowulf must fight his first desperate battle to save the kingdom…. Sword of Woden, Sorrow Hill, is the first in a bestselling series of novels which tell the early life story of a great northern hero. PRAISE FOR THE SWORD OF WODEN SERIES 'Entertaining and building into a really good trilogy. If you like Bernard Cornwell or Simon Scarrow you will love this.' PRAISE FOR THE KING'S BANE SERIES This is a book the likes of friends Cornwall, Kristian and Low, would give their eye-teeth to have written...do what you can or must to get hold of this book, you won’t regret it. SPEESH READS PRAISE FOR THE CONQUEROR OF ROME SERIES The real test of writing a series is the answer to the question, ‘Do I want to read on?’ I look forward with pleasurable anticipation to volume two, having enjoyed this far more than most of the commercially published fiction I have read and reviewed in the past two years. HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY REVIEWS

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  • By sue callaghan on 10 May 2013

    I have always been a fan of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf but although it is fabulous tale it does suffer from the fact that it was never meant to be read but performed in front of a live audience. What has come down to us is really a script rather than what we would describe as a story and anyone who has tried to read a script of even their favourite film will know that most of the magic is lost. I was intrigued to see that an author has finally decided to tell the tale of Beowulf and his extended family in a modern series of novels. The first half of this first volume deals with Beowulf's journey from insecure child, through awkward adolescence to early adulthood as he is groomed by the extended family in the ways of the warrior elite. It is a journey we all have to take, with varying degrees of success, and the author has managed to tell it in a fast paced and exciting way. By the second half of the book Beowulf is a young adult and fully involved in the skulduggery of the adult world he now inhabits, culminating in a murder (or was it?) and an extended series of grimly realistic battles.I have to agree with the previous reviewer, Ed Flack. For a first novel the author has done an amazing job. The style of writing is very easy to read, helped by a good standard of editing. I don't recall seeing a single typo and it really helps the book flow for me. The characters became real, multi-faceted people, always the mark of a good writer. I found this first volume in the series absorbing and look forward to the following titles. Sue

  • By Rhona Worley on 22 June 2017

    A very good book, full of twists and turns,with surprises just around the next corner.All in all a very good read.

  • By K A B on 16 May 2017

    Well paced writing, great story telling and a good hook for a series. Now reading book 2.

  • By Sigurd on 2 March 2014

    The start of what turned out to be an enjoyable series, can't recommend this enough, half way through I bought the other books in the series.

  • By Pete Jennings on 13 September 2013

    As a fan of the original Beowulf text, I was a little wary of a writer weaving a fiction around the odd details we know but I need not have worried. The author has done a splendid job of picturing the life of young Beowulf before he gets to take on Grendel. As a re-enactor I have to say that the combat scenes are very realistic, but so to are the details about how chain mail was likely to have been made. I particularly enjoyed the feeling of awe and terror around the mysterious volva figure, and the flashes of warrior humour. This is a great start to a series of 3 books, and I look forward to reading the series.Pete Jennings

  • By Chriswarburton on 17 June 2017

    Well I really enjoyed this book. Great adaptation of the most important work of literature in history.The pace of the book is great, you get a real feeling for the characters. The battle scenes jump out of the pages and leave you breathless.Any fan of cornwell or scarrow or iggulden will love this yarn.

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