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Walk Away: Camaro Espinoza Book 2 (Camaro Espinoza 2)



By: Sam Hawken(Author)

Language: English

Genre: Biography

Publisher: Mulholland Books (7 Sept. 2017)

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The original title of the book: Walk Away: Camaro Espinoza Book 2 (Camaro Espinoza 2)

Camaro Espinoza is 'the deadliest female protagonist since Jon Land's Caitlin Strong and Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander' (Booklist).

Camaro Espinoza is a former combat medic whose past is shrouded in mystery. Having finally achieved a measure of calm and anonymity, Camaro receives a distress call from her sister Annabel. Living a modest life in a small town in California, Annabel has become trapped in an abusive relationship with a bad man named Jake Collier who threatens to make her daughter his next victim.

Camaro rushes across the country to defend her sister for what may be the last time. For Jake has a sibling of his own, an ex-Marine named Lukas who is every bit as unhinged as Camaro is uncompromising. For all Camaro's stealth and wit, she can only last so long against such relentless force.

As a pair of federal marshals pick up the trail, and a bounty hunter with a debt to settle closes in, Camaro's smart enough to know that standing her ground is the last thing she should do. But if there's one thing she can't do, it's walk away - even with a freight train like Lukas barreling towards her.

Praise for THE NIGHT CHARTER (.)Camaro, a winning blend of compassion and ruthlessness clearly conceived as a female Jack Reacher, deserves a long life as a similarly nomadic series heroine (The Sunday Times)One for fans of Lee Child, John D Macdonald and Miami Vice (Shortlist)From the galloping urgency of its opening pages to its dramatic conclusion, THE NIGHT CHARTER is one hell of a ride. Hawken's prose is as taut as barbed wire and his storytelling sure and surprising. A hyper-charged knockout thriller (Stav Sherez, author of A Dark Redemption)Sam Hawken has created a deep and dangerous female lead in THE NIGHT CHARTER. If you're ever in trouble and need a kickass heroine to get you out of it, look no further than army veteran Camaro Espinoza. (Mari Hannah, author of the Kate Daniels series)A fast-moving story with lots of action, some interesting twists, and the deadliest female protagonist since Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander (Booklist)

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  • By Rosscumming05 on 10 March 2017

    This is the second Camaro Espinoza novel by Sam Hawken who has also written several novellas and short stories which tell of Camaro's early life, her combat experiences and also the other situations which have shaped her and led her to where she is today.Out of the blue she receives a coded message from her estranged sister Annabel, who is now living in Carmel with her young daughter, as she has gotten herself into (another) bad relationship with an abusive partner, Jake Collier and she needs Camaro's help. Camaro races to her aid with devastating consequences, only to have Jake's brother Lukas, an ex-marine, who has currently skipped bail on a murder charge, on her trail and hellbent on revenge. However Lukas has a bail bondsman, a pair of U.S. Marshall's and the F.B.I. all on his case, who are equally out for revenge for his past crimes.Another great thriller from Sam Hawken which builds to a thrilling climax with lots of action sequences thrown in along the way. I found Camaro to be a bit colder and a lot harder to 'read' this time around but this added to the overall mystery that surrounds her and her past. There are also some great 'supporting' characters too and I especially liked Yates, the wily old bail bondsman, who forms a strong bond with Camaro and who we may read of again ? There is also Lukas, the baddie of the piece but he is equally matched by Way, the U.S. Marshall's Deputy, who is equally as bad but wears a badge but is also fuelled by hatred and revenge.Hawken has always created strong female characters in all his novels and in Camaro he has created the ultimate female action heroine, strong, both physically and mentally, smart, sassy and totally focussed. The only other female protagonist that comes anywhere close to Camaro is probably Wallace Stroby's Crissa Stone.I look forward to further Camaro adventures to see if she takes up Yates offer or if she goes off on her own solitary path.P.S. - I don't know why this resonated with me but Hawken's descriptions of all the meals in this novel made them all sound delicious, even the oatmeal breakfast !!!

  • By Scott Cumming on 1 March 2017

    Life comes at you fast and it doesn't get much faster than a Sam Hawken novel starring Camaro Espinoza. Camaro returns in her second novel following on from the numerous novellas and stories Hawken has penned throughout the past few years. In this instalment, Camaro is summoned to California by her estranged sister for a family reunion that's more armbars and blood than hugs and tears. That's because Camaro's sister has fallen in with the wrong guy and wants him out of her life in a way that only Camaro can provide.What neither of them is prepared for is that the boyfriend is the least of the trouble as his brother, Lukas, appears on the scene along with a couple of US Marshals and an eldery bail bondsman/skip tracer on his tail bent on revenge. Hawken pulls us into the web of characters and situations in brilliant fashion making you hungry to get to the core of the story.I've read plenty of books with bad guys and they come in all shapes, sizes and types with some even being endearing and fun, but Lukas is none of these things and truly got under my skin. Deputy US Marshal Keith Way is not much further down the revolting scale and Hawken has to be praised for writing a pair of characters that truly get to you.This novel is relentless and full of great scenes between the characters as Hawken brings the entangled players together. You don't have to have experienced Camaro before to get into this one and as a newcomer or a long-time fan I would highly recommend it.

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